Completed projects

Sinds 2013 heb ik zo’n miljoen woorden, uit het Nederlands en Engels vertaald. Dit komt neer op de gehele Harry Potter collectie...

Some completed translations to Polish

Advertising and marketing

Translating commercial content with focus on clarity and being concise.

  • marketing materials about high-end window decorations
  • 100+ pages of SEO texts for a big IT-webshop
  • articles voor the Polish edition of ‘Vice’ magazine
  • user manuals for machines in the FCMG-sector
  • blog posts about industrial tyres, HRM, gardening and much, much mo

Literary translations Dutch/English-Polish

I enjoy my work in the never-ending sea of words. But there is a special stream which I love the most: literary translations. This is the list of my published translations into Polish:

  • Karen Russell, ‘St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves’ (Nowa Fantastyka 11/2016)
  • Thomas Olde Heuvelt, ‘De inktlezers van Doi Saket’ (Silmaris 2/2016, available online)
  • Pieter Bart Korthuis’ literary thriller ‘Penoza’ (Replika 2016)
  • Jibbe Willems’s essay, ‘Toneelschrijven in Nederland. Is er hoop na het post-modernisme?’ (Dialog 6/2015)
  • Thomas Olde Heuvelt’s short story, ‘De vis in de fles’ (Fantastyka – wydanie specjalne 3/2015)
  • fragments of Jorie Horsthuis’ book ‘Op de tram’ (online on

My own texts in Polish

Just translation is sometimes not enough. That’s why I also offer my writing skills, ranging from purely informative texts for the Polish community in the Netherlands to notes about my favourite Dutch and Flemish writers to fiction, published across various websites.

See a choice of my texts below (in Polish):

Tips for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

My subjective alphabet of Dutch writers

…and a guest post for the Dutch blog De Rijke Meisjes:

About enjoying (working) life more (in Dutch)

Fiction (Polish)

‘Wiedźma i filozof’ (The witch and the philosopher) – published in ‘Nowa Fantastyka’ 9/2016, a short story about a witch travelling through a desert in her coffee truck

‘Wszystkie upadki Ans Wortel’, a short story from a Dutch mental asylum in the 19th century

‘5 powodów, aby pokochać siebie’ (5 reasons to love yourself), a very short story on rats, abandonment and, yes, love

…and a guest post for the Dutch blog De Rijke Meisjes:

About enjoying (working) life more (in Dutch)